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IMG One-day Retreat

The events may be subject to cancellation due to the pandemic. To create a safe environment for all, some preventive measures will be taken and we thank you for your kind cooperation:

  1. Those who enter Taiwan recently, Taiwanese citizens and foreign nationals alike, are required to observe related regulations. After being confirmed negative and without symptom, they should still undergo a 14-day home quarantine plus a 7-day self-health management before they attend the retreats.
  2. Temperature will be taken with the help of a forehead thermometer. Those with a temperature above 37.5°C will be declined to attend.  
  3. Please bring along your own mask.
  4. Lunch will be provided. Please bring along your own cup/water bottle.


Date: Apr 24 / May 29

Time: 09:00- 17:00

Venue: Yun Lai Monastery (No 186, Gongguan Rd. Beitou Dist., Taipei)



This retreat is open to those who are interested in Chan meditation practice.

It is free of charge. Your donations to Dharma Drum Mountain are most welcome.

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